Jul 02, 2016
26 Sivan, 5776
כ״ו בְּסִיוָן תשע״ו

Attending a service at our chapel?

Parking is often available across Main St. at Wojicks Funeral Home. There is also parking on both Magnus Ave. and Manitoba Ave. Parking immediately in front of the chapel is reserved for the Funeral Cars. We have an accessible ramp available for use at the front entrance to the Chapel.

Please advise us at 204.582.5088 so we can be ready for you.

Emergency assistance available 24/7 at 204-582-5088

While in our care…

A Shomer serves as a companion for your loved one, showing respect and compassion by reciting Tehillim ( Psalms) .

In keeping with traditional Judaism , we honor body and soul , and comfort mourners by safeguarding every member of our community.

Family and friends are welcome and encouraged to participate with us in this chesed shel emet, act of true loving kindness.

Please contact us directly for further information at or call us at 204.582.5088

What you need to know?


1. Bringing the tallit to the Chesed

Jewish men are buried with the tallit (prayer shawl) they used in life. Families may make arrangements to drop off a loved one’s tallit the day before the funeral service . Please come to the office door at 1023 Main St. If no one is available to assist you, you may place the tallit in our secure mail slot. If an individual does not have a tallit, a new one will be provided.

2. Pallbearers

Chesed Shel Emes policy requires six Jewish men to attend as pallbearers at our facility. Acting as a pallbearer is an honor for family and friends, not an imposition. Please choose individuals who are able to lift and carry. Remember that conditions at the cemetery may be wet or slippery. If you do not have six Jewish men to act as pallbearers, please contact us.

3. Webcasting

Funeral Services held in our Chapel may be web streamed live, or recorded for later viewing. Family and friends who are unable to attend due to distance or health can now watch online, in real time, on a secure channel. The family will be given a unique password to share which will allow access via our website. There is no additional cost for web streaming services. Please contact us at or call us at 204.582.5088 for more information.