Volunteer opportunities at Chesed Shel Emes

Volunteer as a Shomer

Each individual in our care is accompanied by a Shomer - a Jewish person who sits vigil , reciting Psalms.

It is thought that the soul of the deceased is comforted by having both the physical and emotional presence of a Shomer.

Shomrim usually sit in a room adjacent to the deceased.

Volunteers may choose to come in pairs, and would not be left unaccompanied in the building.


Volunteer in the Sewing Circle

Our tachrichm, burial outfits, are sewn locally by volunteers in their own homes.

We provide all the training, and supplies are delivered right to your door.

There is a group who sew together once a month, and others who sew alone at their homes.


Volunteer for the Tahara teams

We have a women’s and a men’s Tahara team who are trained to perform the ritual of washing, purifying and dressing the deceased.

Team members are called on short notice, on a rotating basis.

Cohanim are not eligible to serve on the Tahara teams.


Volunteer on a committee of the Board

Our Board has several standing and ad-hoc committees which work on various aspects of the operation ; Ritual, Finance, Investments, House, Bylaw review, and more.

Committee chairs must be Directors of the Board, but non-Director volunteers are welcome to join committees.


Volunteer as a Director on the Board

Our Board is comprised of representatives from each Synagogue in Winnipeg, and Members at Large who represent the community.

Consider joining our Board as a representative of your synagogue, or as a Member at Large.


Volunteer for a special event or project

From time to time we have special events or programs such as Death Cafes, Open Houses, Community Geniza ( book burial) and educational programs.

Special projects may include writing a grant proposal for funding, researching historical information or translating Yiddish documents into English.


For more information about any of these volunteer opportunities, please be in touch with us at chesedwinnipeg@gmail.com