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Chesed Sewing Circle

Chesed Sewing Circle is a group of local volunteers who have reclaimed the tradition of having local people sew shrouds for the community Chevra.   Some ladies sew individually at home, and several get together at one persons’ home for a group event.  The Sewing Circle project was initiated by, and is sustained by Hillel Kravetsky,  who has been an integral part of the Chevra Kadisha and of the Chesed Board for 30 plus years.

Our shroud outfit, or tachrichim, is made of unbleached cotton fabric and includes several pieces : pants with a drawstring waist, a long tunic shirt,  a kittel or outer shirt, and a head / face cover .  The fabric is cut and bundled with the generous assistance of Richlu Manufacturing.

Each completed outfit we use in dressing the deceased has been created by several individuals, making it a true community effort.

Yasher Koach to the volunteers and on behalf of the community, many thanks.Sewing Circle Lunch